Connections Crisis Program

Connections Crisis Program

Integrated Family Services, PLLC is excited to announce the creation of their Connections Crisis Program. The Connections Crisis Program will include the current Mobile Crisis Management Service, Crisis CHAT and Critical Incident Stress Management in addition to Crisis Respite Homes and Community Crisis Respite Services for children and their families. As a premier crisis provider, we recognize the gaps that exist in our communities and understand that many children and their families find themselves in a crisis due to insurmountable stressors, a lack of coping skills, and limited knowledge about community resources that can assist them. Many of these individuals find themselves being admitted into the hospital or in the custody of the Department of Social Services as a result of a conflict and unmanageable behaviors. The goal of the Connections Crisis Program is to serve as an alternative to hospitalization and placement disruptions by offering an array of quality crisis services to children, families, and community stakeholders. In partnership with Trillium Health Resources, we are striving to provide more community support to children and their families who face crises and short term residential options for children who need crisis respite or may be transitioning to another level of care. The first phase of this program implementation will include the opening of 3 Crisis Respite Homes during the summer of 2019 in Craven, New Hanover, and Pitt Counties along with the onset of Community Crisis Respite Services that will be provided by Community Direct Support Professionals.

Community Crisis Respite

  • Warm transfer from mobile crisis management services
  • Periodic support and relief to children ages 3-21 who have mental health, substance use, and intellectual developmental disability needs and their families
    • We will not be able to provide services to individuals with severe and profound intellectual developmental disabilities or those with complex medical needs.
  • Services will be provided by a paraprofessional known as a Community Direct Support Professional (supervised by a Qualified Professional)
  • In-home, community based supports and interventions (therapeutic and non-therapeutic) for emergent events
  • Includes integrated crisis response, crisis stabilization interventions, and crisis prevention activities
  • Symptom monitoring and supervision
  • Caregiver therapeutic support
  • Services available 24/7/365
  • Services can be utilized up to eight (8) weeks per year

Community Case Management (Short Term)

  • Case management assessment will incorporate the outcomes of the social determinants of health screening tool
  • Person centered plan and comprehensive crisis plan will be completed
  • Linkage and referrals to paid and natural supports
  • Coordination with the Trillium’s Neighborhood Connections Program to assist with linkage to community resources
  • Monitoring and following up
  • Services provided by a qualified professional
  • Only available to children referred by mobile crisis management

Connection Homes (Respite Homes)

  • Services will be available to children and adolescents with behavioral or intellectual and developmental disorders who are between the ages of 6 and 17
    • We will not be able to provide services to individuals with severe and profound intellectual developmental disabilities or those with complex medical needs.
  • Services are available 24/7/365
  • 2 day minimum stay
  • Immediate placement will be available if criteria is met for respite home placement
    • Allows time for connecting or reconnecting children and families with appropriate treatment, habilitation or support services provided by the behavioral health/IDD service system, other entities, or natural supports
  • Planned and scheduled placement in the respite home is available based on approved person centered plan interventions coordinated with IFS
  • Services can be utilized up to 14 days consecutively or 60 days in a calendar year (per individual)
  • Children can be referred from Trillium Health Resources and Department of Social Services agencies for emergency placement. Child placement agencies will be able to make referrals for planned respite in December 2019.
  • Coordinate with schools to assist the child with academic work if the home school is to far for transportation
  • Provide psychoeducation and skill introduction
  • Provide social and recreational activities
  • All children will receive a ACEs screening upon admission
  • Therapist (who will also provide case management services) will be available to complete comprehensive clinical assessments within 48 business hours to address immediate outcomes of trauma screening, determine therapeutic needs, as well as recommend appropriate levels of care
  • Therapist/case manager will assist stakeholders such as DSS with navigating the behavioral health system
  • All children will receive a health screening upon admission and a nurse will be available 24/7 for consultation along with a psychiatrist
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to support the child’s needs

Children Taken into DSS Custody will receive

  • Mobile crisis management services as a result of the trauma that is experienced with being removed out of the home and this being a defined crisis episode
    • Crisis assesment
    • Trauma screening
    • Social Determinants of Health Screening
    • Comprehensive Clinical Assessment within 48 hours
    • Access to the new components of the Connections Crisis Program
      • Community Crisis Respite (in-home)
      • Connections Home (respite home)
      • Case Management

We are excited about our program’s expansion and the opportunity to serve more children and families. As a result of growth, there is a need for more dedicated, compassionate, and driven SUPERHEROES to join our team. Go to Employment to view current job vacancies and continuously look throughout the upcoming months for more positions.