Quotient ADHD

Quotient ADHD Testing System

About Quotient

The Quotient ADHD Testing System provides evidence-based data related to the core symptom domains of ADHD (Inattention, Impulsivity, Hyperactivity) for both children and adults.

Scores and test data give valuable insights into both the existence of ADHD – related deficits and the magnitude of those deficits.

The Quotient test takes less than 30 minutes to set up and administer, right in the office.

An accurate diagnosis is the first step in learning to manage ADHD.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment for the Quotient ADHD test by calling 252-439-0700 or email: Tina Phillips.

Consider Quotient for the following symtoms:

  • Poor attention; excessive distractibility
  • Physical restlessness or hyperactivity
  • Excessive Impulsivity
  • Excessive or chronic procrastination
  • Difficulty getting started or completing tasks
  • Frequently losing things
  • Poor organization, planning and time management
  • Excessive forgetfulness