Integrated Family Services, PLLC is to be a unified and innovative organization that leads the state of North Carolina in offering the most comprehensive diagnosis, therapy and care management possible in support of a normal, safer and healthier life for all families.


The mission of Integrated Family Services, PLLC is to assess, coordinate, monitor and provide a wide variety of comprehensive mental health services in a manner that promotes dignity, respect and empowerment to all consumers.


Integrity – We based our working relationships upon mutual trust, respect and unyielding integrity. We recognize that the reputation of Integrated Family Services is rooted in the sincere and ethical treatment of our clients and each other.

Teamwork – We value results that are achieved through joint efforts. We approach our work as a team focused on constructing an encouraging work environment that produces superior quality results for our clients.

Diversity – We value the individual differences and contributions of each member of our organization. We embrace progressiveness, creativity, and the ability to adapt to change. We believe each associate is an essential and important resource.

Commitment to Excellence – We set high standards for quality in our work and hold ourselves accountable. We strive for continuous improvement and seek to use innovation and cutting-edge technology to work effectively among ourselves and with our clients.

Services – We value our role as a service provider to Eastern North Carolina and seek to be approachable, compassionate and precise in the delivery of our services.