Mental Health Services



IFS offers a complete array of mental health services for families in Eastern North Carolina.
We have offices in Greenville, Washington, Ahoskie, Jackson and Elizabeth City. Our services cover all mental health issues and can include complete psychiatric workup and counseling
for a variety of complex treatment options.

Our mobile crisis team can reach any patient 24/7 in the counties of Beaufort, Bertie, Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Hertford, Hyde, Martin, Northampton, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Pitt, Tyrrell and Washington County citizens regardless of insurance,
medicare or medicaid.

Our goal is to integrate the mental health provider, the patient and family to make informed decisions regarding care and treatment for any of the following needs:

  • Suicidal or depressed persons
  • Persons with homicidal ideations
  • Domestic violence
  • Emergency petitions situations
  • Family education
  • Delusional and psychotic persons
  • Death notification and support
  • Links to Mental Health services
  • Links to Detox
  • Family and Marital conflicts
  • Anyone in Crisis


A family is a group of people who are important to each other and offer each other love and support, especially in times of crises. As an organization working with families, we consider what enhances family resilience, improves personal communication, and strengthens family supports.

Modern families are mobile, parents work and children begin getting involved in extracurricular activities at young ages. Because there is limited time for families to come together, family relationships can become strained and distanced.

Families are like jigsaw puzzles. Each member of the family interlocks with others to form the family’s framework and give structure and support to the family as a whole. Sometimes it becomes difficult to determine your right place, your right fit and design within the family.

Integrated Family Services creates a safe environment and gives support to each family member; helping to ensure each family member understands their unique design
while being a part of the whole family.

We can
Help you
Connect the pieces and
Create a stronger family

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